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"Learn by doing — just try stuff, experiment and have fun. And know that it’s OK if you fail here and there — that’s part of the learning.”

About Pauli

Educator. Researcher. Advocate.

My research is located at the intersection of health, aging and place. As a community-based public health researcher, communities, and in particular neighbourhoods and university campuses, are the living labs for my research. 

As an educator interested in supporting student wellness and academic success, I also lead a program of research aimed at promoting resilience and positive mental health among university students. 


Three areas of scholarship summarize my critical health research: community mobility, place, and methodological innovation.


Learn about my pedagogical approach and view syllabi from courses I'm teaching.

The Mobility Project Blog

Celebrating mobility and challenging barriers.

The Mobility Project is about movement.


It's about people getting where they want to go and how they got there. 


It’s about engaging people and sparking a dialogue about bodies and barriers, resilience and resistance, passion and determination, creativity and courage, stigma and disability.

Some of the most important secrets and lessons in life can be found in the spaces between spaces and the everyday places where we live, work and play.


So I pay attention, listen, and watch these spaces… and it rocks my world every day! Follow along on the blog. 


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